Graham Gardens, multi-storey car park

Recently we have been carrying out a number of signage jobs for Graham Gardens, a multi-storey car park, in Lisburn. The ongoing job has consisted of a variety of signage products. Car park signage can be a vital way of helping the users navigate their way around the car park. So it is important that the signage stands out and can be easily seen by users of the car park. Multi-storey car parks can be difficult to navigate around. Therefore it is important to make sure your signage is a great wayfinding system to help highlight your signs.

Graham Gardens gantry
Graham Gardens exit

The multi-story car park needs to have a clear entrance and exit areas which are marked clearly. We fabricated entrance and exit height restrictors which clearly show the maximum height allowed in the car park. Multi-storey car parks need to have height restrictors in place to help stay clear of structural damage. This is something that could happen if a vehicle past the maximum height attempted to enter the car park.

The entrance and exit signs are illuminated which helps to highlight the car park both day and night. Before our signage update for Graham Gardens  their signage was lacklustre and didn't stand out. The name 'Graham Gardens' was on a small plaque and a gantry beside the entrance and exit barriers. It didn't stand out as it was small and overshadowed by a large letter P, for parking.

Their new gantry sign is quite similar to before although we have made it illuminated so that it stands out even more. We have created illuminated projector signs which protrude from the multi-storey building, helping to direct traffic towards the entrance.  Inside the car park we have crafted a number of wayfinding signs. These signs hang from the ceiling and are also illuminated so that they stand out.

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