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We here at Rainbow Signs pride ourselves on the ability to create all of our signage products in house. With a wealth of knowledge and experience with many types of metal and plastic fabrication we can produce an array of signage products to high quality. Our team are highly trained with the use of our top quality machinery products. We offer a comprehensive range of manufacturing and fabrication services to our clients, from CNC machining to bespoke custom made architectural products.

Our manufacturing team produce signage systems to specific to each individual client project. We can provide advice from best materials to use and let you know which is the most appropriate mounting and fixing methods for your project. Using the best of materials, sourced locally, we can produce show stopping signage products for your business.



Our in-house designers are professional and experienced at making sure your brand cuts through and has a recognisable impact. We can undertake any signage requirements, from start to finish.



We create signage products that will help your company to outshine any rival businesses around you.



We have the capability to take on large scale projects with safety, and all legal compliance. Minimum disruption and professional installation are part of our service.


We have the skills and equipment to ensure well-designed, quality, stunning signage to meet any requirements. We are experts in manufacturing, installing & maintaining all types of Signs. Browse through our various Products below:



We possess the dexterity in performance through skill and equipment to ensure well designed, quality, and simply stunning signage to meet any of your signage requirements. We understand that first impressions have a lasting effect, you can rely on the team at Rainbow Signs to provide you with high standards and signs that are built to last.

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