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New digital LED trailers for hire!

From the month of April we now have an extra 4 digital LED trailers for hire. We now have a total of 7 trailers available for hire.

Rates start from as low as £999 per month. Includes delivery, set up, and 3G enabled control.

Our LED trailers are IVA certified, CE approved, wind tested with an 8mm pixel pitch cree LED screen. It is 3 meters wide with the correct 16:9 ratio for great image and video quality. 110v and 240v with built in power supply.

The LED trailers are perfect for events and roadside advertising. Our highly efficient portable LED trailer has a full colour LED screen. The screen is housed in an extremely robust casing, the screen is fully rotation and is height adjustable.

Graham Gardens exit
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The Door Store signage Belfast retrofit

The Door Store was established in 1975 and has been trading for over 40 years. As their name suggests, they sell a wide range of doors and relating products. They source their products from across the globe. This means they are able to supply a large variety of interior and exterior door produce to their customers.

We have carried out a number of signage jobs for various Door Store warehouses across the UK and Ireland. The Door Store on Boucher Road in Belfast were in need of a refurbishment for their current signage. They got in touch with us to help rectify the aging look of their signage.

Graham Gardens gantry

They were not in need of a complete new signage fit, so instead we carried out a retrofit. A retrofit job means that we use the existing signage and add modern elements to it. This means that it can be a cost effective method to updating your tired looking signage.

The Door Store have been using neon lighting to illuminate their fascia signage for a number of years. Over time, the neon lighting began to look discoloured and dull. We opted to replace the lighting with LED lights as they are much brighter, helping the store to stand out. As you can see from the image below, the left two letters have the updated lighting system and the right two letters have the older neon lighting system.

Graham Gardens exit

They opted to have a part restoration before Christmas and the remaining signage retrofit will be carried out after the holidays. As the days are shorter and the nights are darker, it is vital to make sure your signage stands out. We also repaired some neon signage they had on the exterior of their building. This signage has the words 'The Floor Store', and were repaired with neon glass.

Is your signage in need of an update or a refresh? Get in touch today for a quote!

Graham Gardens exit
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Graham Gardens, multi-storey car park

Recently we have been carrying out a number of signage jobs for Graham Gardens, a multi-storey car park, in Lisburn. The ongoing job has consisted of a variety of signage products. Car park signage can be a vital way of helping the users navigate their way around the car park. So it is important that the signage stands out and can be easily seen by users of the car park. Multi-storey car parks can be difficult to navigate around. Therefore it is important to make sure your signage is a great wayfinding system to help highlight your signs.

Graham Gardens gantry
Graham Gardens exit

The multi-story car park needs to have a clear entrance and exit areas which are marked clearly. We fabricated entrance and exit height restrictors which clearly show the maximum height allowed in the car park. Multi-storey car parks need to have height restrictors in place to help stay clear of structural damage. This is something that could happen if a vehicle past the maximum height attempted to enter the car park.

The entrance and exit signs are illuminated which helps to highlight the car park both day and night. Before our signage update for Graham Gardens  their signage was lacklustre and didn't stand out. The name 'Graham Gardens' was on a small plaque and a gantry beside the entrance and exit barriers. It didn't stand out as it was small and overshadowed by a large letter P, for parking.

Their new gantry sign is quite similar to before although we have made it illuminated so that it stands out even more. We have created illuminated projector signs which protrude from the multi-storey building, helping to direct traffic towards the entrance.  Inside the car park we have crafted a number of wayfinding signs. These signs hang from the ceiling and are also illuminated so that they stand out.

If you are looking for inviting signage products, get in touch today for a quote.

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Harry Corry, Kennedy Way

Here at Rainbow Signs, we carried out a new shop signage fit for a Harry Corry. This new store is located at the Westwood Shopping Centre, on Kennedy way in Belfast. Their recent brand update means that we have been busy with the fabrication and installation of their stop signage for multiple stores across Northern Ireland.  This means producing new signage products for the  existing stores that are in need of a refurbishment. There are also new stores opening, such as this store on Kennedy Way in Belfast, which new signage is also needed for.

Harry Corry window graphics
Harry Corry fascia

Harry Corry is a Northern Ireland interior furnishing company. It is a family run business  which has been running for close to 50 years. Their dedication to interiors has helped them flourish to become a reputable brand. They have developed into a well known and established brand throughout Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland.

We have created a range of vibrant signage products for this particular branch.  Crafting a large fascia shoe-box lid style sign above the front entrance helped to highlight the establishment to passing trade. Our team also created a number of window graphics which span a large portion of the front shop windows. These graphics are great for concealing the entrance but also work well to advertise the company and products. The window graphics for Harry Corry are opaque to help draw clients to the entrance, whilst also highlighting their products.

If you are looking for signage for your business, you have come to the right place! Get in touch today for a quote and more information.

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10 Domino’s store fittings

Domino's is a globally recognised brand. With over 1,000 stores throughout the UK and Ireland it is one of the most recognised fast food pizza companies. We have recently taken on a number of Domino's store refurbishments along with a new shop unit installation.

Two of store refurbishments were recently carried out in Northern Ireland. Those locations were Castlereagh in East Belfast and the Lisburn Road store just on the outskirts of Belfast city center. Both of these locations see a high footfall due to their highly public and visible areas. Their signage refurbishment consisted of both internal and external fittings. We crafted external LED back-lit projector signs, along with LED built up 3D lettering for the fascia of the building. We also created internal wallpaper styled graphics along with window graphics and window displays.

Domino's projector
Domino's window graphics

We carried out a further 7 store refurbishments in the Republic of Ireland. The store refurbishment locations are as follows; Ennis in County Clare, Galway, Ashbourne in County Meath, Glenageary in Dublin, Tullamore in County Offaly, Waterford and Athlone.

Each of the Domino's stores were in need of external signage. We fabricated and installed LED backlit projectors and LED lit 3D built up letter fascia signs. The stores needed new window graphics, which we printed and fitted. The modernisation of the internal wall graphics using a wallpaper style vinyl creates a unique finish but also comes laden with company facts. Not only does this provide the customer with a brief company background, but it also creates a highly visual design which fits well with the company branding. In Citywest, Dublin, we fabricated signage for a brand new Domino's store. This unit was in need of all of the Domino's branded signage products.

Make sure to pop into any of these Domino's stores that may be local to you for a look at the fresh new graphics.

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Cladding project and recent re-brand for Philips Autos

A number of architectural engineering projects are carried out by us across the UK and Ireland. One of our most popular services in this sector is building cladding. One of our most recent architectural engineering jobs was for Philips Autos car sales and service store. The company recently changed names and are now known as McCabe Autos. The company is located in Rosetta a busy spot for passing trade.

Philips Autos were wanting to update their signage by making a noticeable change. They decided to get in touch with the team here at Rainbow Signs. We discussed multiple architectural options with them to ensure the best for their business. In the end they opted for an external cladding fit for their building. Our cladding is 100% aluminium, highly durable and adheres to all safety regulations.

McCabe Autos before cladding
McCabe Autos cladding

We were asked to visit Philip Autos to carry out a site survey. We noticed that their existing signage appearance was beginning to look tired. Keeping the colour scheme worked well to keep the brand relevant to the previous company name. The MOT & Service Centre was cladded with a grey/silver aluminium cladding. The cladding gives the building a new lease of life by disguising the existing tired looking building. We also used cladding to make sure both the MOT & Service Centre and the sales room were both consistent and meshed well together as one. With the sales room building we created a brand new external fascia, complete with back-lit lettering.

Are you looking for a way to make the appearance of your building more pleasing without having to rebuild your premises? Get in touch today for a quote for our aluminium cladding.

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Totem signage for The Door Store in Reading

We often carry out jobs across the pond, and one of our most recent destinations was Reading, England. The Door Store were looking for a signage product to help highlight their store furthermore, so after some guidance we helped them decide to select a totem signage option.

The totem is seen easily both day and night with the help of the internal LED’s which create an illumination in certain parts of the totem. The totem is simply yet effective, with wayfinding and informative points on the totem itself helps to add extra elements to the totem sign. Incorporating various types of signage into one helps the company to reduce signage costs in an effective way.


This particular store did not need copious amounts of external signage as the car park is relatively close to the entrance, therefore it would be unnecessary to overload the area with signage products. We are always looking for ways to help our clients get the most from their signage in a way that is fitting for their store.

Looking for an effective signage solution? Get in touch today for a quote!

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Mimaki printer

Digitial printing with our new Mimaki printers

We recently upgraded our printing department with state of the art printing facilities. We strive to produce products that stand out amongst the rest, which is one of the reasons why we decided to update our printing department. Our new printers allow us to print creatively with vibrant ink types which helps to keep our signage creations vivid.


Sign quality is one of our main objectives, we endeavour to go above and beyond when creating stunning signage products. When it comes to sign production, print quality is a high priority for the team here at Rainbow Signs.

Our new large format Mimaki printers are exceptionally fast at printing highly detailed artwork, helping us to produce signage products quickly and efficiently. The Mimaki printers have a high quality print resolution of up to 1,440 dpi which helps us to create in-depth prints. Our Mimaki printers come equipped with precision ink drop placement technology which results in final prints being accurately displayed. The printers print flawlessly onto various materials, which goes towards helping us achieve exceptional quality signage. Rest assured knowing that your signage will be printed to the highest standard.

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Junction One re-brand totem signage

Junction One in Antrim is a retail outlet which is home to a variety of well known brands. In recent years the outlet has seen a decrease in its yearly footfall, with an uncertain future Junction One was put on the market. Thankfully it was bought over by the Lotus Group who wanted to invest £30m in the site. The redevelopment plan has brought forth a new look outlet with exciting new retail and entertainment units bringing with them a number of new jobs.

The Junction totem

The Lotus Group wanted to change the outlet name, to give it a fresher look and to hopefully become more appealing to their target audience. The new name under their rebrand is The Junction which helps to update the name but also keeps the brand familiar to returning customers.

We were approached to produce some signage products for the new look outlet. They were in need of gantry signage so we crafted two totem signs which display a selection of stores available at the Junction on the entrance side of the totem, the other side displays a thank you note to customers who are exiting the premises. The colour scheme is minimalistic which makes the gantry pleasing to the eye. We created the signage to exact RAL colours so that it would tie in with existing or other signage that is within the complex.

Are you in need of new signage? Get in touch today for a quote!

The Junction

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