Harry Corry, Kennedy Way

Here at Rainbow Signs, we carried out a new shop signage fit for a Harry Corry. This new store is located at the Westwood Shopping Centre, on Kennedy way in Belfast. Their recent brand update means that we have been busy with the fabrication and installation of their stop signage for multiple stores across Northern Ireland.  This means producing new signage products for the  existing stores that are in need of a refurbishment. There are also new stores opening, such as this store on Kennedy Way in Belfast, which new signage is also needed for.

Harry Corry window graphics
Harry Corry fascia

Harry Corry is a Northern Ireland interior furnishing company. It is a family run business  which has been running for close to 50 years. Their dedication to interiors has helped them flourish to become a reputable brand. They have developed into a well known and established brand throughout Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland.

We have created a range of vibrant signage products for this particular branch.  Crafting a large fascia shoe-box lid style sign above the front entrance helped to highlight the establishment to passing trade. Our team also created a number of window graphics which span a large portion of the front shop windows. These graphics are great for concealing the entrance but also work well to advertise the company and products. The window graphics for Harry Corry are opaque to help draw clients to the entrance, whilst also highlighting their products.

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