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Design & Consultancy


We offer design and consultancy with any of our signage jobs, it will be one of the first steps you will take to create your dream signage. Our highly knowledegeable design team will offer you bespoke design advice on how you can best display your signage. Allow us to work with you to create captivating signage that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

When working with us to create captivating signage one of your first steps is coming into contact with our design team. They will offer design advice on how you can best display your business.

The design team will work closely with you to produce designs that will help bring your idea to life. They will go above and beyond to create designs that cater directly to each client to help present bespoke designs. Your proof designs will be presented to you as digital artwork in an aid to help you visualise how your signage will look once it has been installed. Our design team will work closely with you each step of the way to ensure we produce any design goals you hope to achieve with your signage.

Signage can be daunting when you are feeling a little clueless when it comes to the design. This is why our creative design team are able to offer bespoke logo designs for your company. So you have no need to worry if all you have is a business name. We can cater to your needs in any department we work in when it comes to signage. We always strive to provide our customers with the best, which is why we aim to go above and beyond their expectations when it comes to sign design.



We create signage products that will help your company to outshine any rival businesses around you.



We stand out from the rest because we have all the experience, latest machinery and precision instruments to greate lasting, quality signage. This saves money over time, and guarantees peace of mind. We are the professionals.



We have the capability to take on large scale projects with safety, and all legal compliance. Minimum disruption and professional installation are part of our service.


We have the skills and equipment to ensure well-designed, quality, stunning signage to meet any requirements. We are experts in manufacturing, installing & maintaining all types of Signs. Browse through our various Products below:



We possess the dexterity in performance through skill and equipment to ensure well designed, quality, and simply stunning signage to meet any of your signage requirements. We understand that first impressions have a lasting effect, you can rely on the team at Rainbow Signs to provide you with high standards and signs that are built to last.

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