The Door Store signage Belfast retrofit

The Door Store was established in 1975 and has been trading for over 40 years. As their name suggests, they sell a wide range of doors and relating products. They source their products from across the globe. This means they are able to supply a large variety of interior and exterior door produce to their customers.

We have carried out a number of signage jobs for various Door Store warehouses across the UK and Ireland. The Door Store on Boucher Road in Belfast were in need of a refurbishment for their current signage. They got in touch with us to help rectify the aging look of their signage.

Graham Gardens gantry

They were not in need of a complete new signage fit, so instead we carried out a retrofit. A retrofit job means that we use the existing signage and add modern elements to it. This means that it can be a cost effective method to updating your tired looking signage.

The Door Store have been using neon lighting to illuminate their fascia signage for a number of years. Over time, the neon lighting began to look discoloured and dull. We opted to replace the lighting with LED lights as they are much brighter, helping the store to stand out. As you can see from the image below, the left two letters have the updated lighting system and the right two letters have the older neon lighting system.

Graham Gardens exit

They opted to have a part restoration before Christmas and the remaining signage retrofit will be carried out after the holidays. As the days are shorter and the nights are darker, it is vital to make sure your signage stands out. We also repaired some neon signage they had on the exterior of their building. This signage has the words 'The Floor Store', and were repaired with neon glass.

Is your signage in need of an update or a refresh? Get in touch today for a quote!

Graham Gardens exit

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