Toyota Sign Maintenance

Signage is an essential key for creating brand awareness. It is usually the first thing your target client will see. If your sign is dirty or damaged it can produce a negative effect on your company's reputation. Therefore, keeping a well maintained sign is a highly desired necessity.

Here at Rainbow Signs, we offer maintenance contracts with our signage products. Including cleaning, bulb replacement and general repairs to interior and exterior signs. Signage maintenance plays an essential role in creating huge benefits for signage performance. You can trust that we will deliver a professional service when servicing your signage products.

Graham Gardens gantry
Graham Gardens exit

Recently we carried out a number of maintenance jobs for several Toyota car sales rooms. These showrooms were widespread throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The Toyota signs were in need of a deep clean, so we sent out our maintenance team to spruce up the Toyota signs. These ranged from shop fascia signage to totem/gantry signs.

Once all the signage products for Toyota went through the deep clean process our team made sure there were no electrical issues. Making note of this means that we can keep a detailed report of issues that may arise in the future due to the condition of the signage.

If you are interested in hearing more about our maintenance plan, get in touch today.

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