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Installation & maintenance


Our dedicated installation team carry out their work to the highest standard. The installation team are provided with the training needed to carry out installation jobs. Their vast knowledge and skills means they can carry out work at any site nationwide.

Here at Rainbow Signs we pride ourselves on our attention to detail with each job we carry out, this trait does not stray when it comes to installing your signage. We take great care to ensure each installation job is carried out smoothly, safely and within the health and safety guidelines. Our experienced and highly skilled installation team are all CSR trained, and are therefore fully qualified to meet the high standards which we here at Rainbow Signs keep at a soaring level.

We aim to provide the best possible aftercare for our clients, which is why we offer signage maintenance. Carrying out risk assessments, electrical and general signage maintenance throughout the UK and Ireland means we have built up quite a wealth of knowledge along the way, helping us to carry out these maintenance jobs to the highest degree of professionalism.

Your signage is an investment towards your company branding, we work with you to make sure that said investment provides you with the highest possible return it can give. When you purchase our maintenance contact we will ensure that your signage is kept to the quality and standard it was when initially installed. Over time, your signage can start to show signs of wear and tear, help protect the appearance and functioning of your signs with the guidance of our maintenance professionals.



Our in-house designers are professional and experienced at making sure your brand cuts through and has a recognisable impact. We can undertake any signage requirements, from start to finish.



We create signage products that will help your company to outshine any rival businesses around you.



We stand out from the rest because we have all the experience, latest machinery and precision instruments to greate lasting, quality signage. This saves money over time, and guarantees peace of mind. We are the professionals.


We have the skills and equipment to ensure well-designed, quality, stunning signage to meet any requirements. We are experts in manufacturing, installing & maintaining all types of Signs. Browse through our various Products below:



We possess the dexterity in performance through skill and equipment to ensure well designed, quality, and simply stunning signage to meet any of your signage requirements. We understand that first impressions have a lasting effect, you can rely on the team at Rainbow Signs to provide you with high standards and signs that are built to last.

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