Junction One re-brand totem signage

Junction One in Antrim is a retail outlet which is home to a variety of well known brands. In recent years the outlet has seen a decrease in its yearly footfall, with an uncertain future Junction One was put on the market. Thankfully it was bought over by the Lotus Group who wanted to invest £30m in the site. The redevelopment plan has brought forth a new look outlet with exciting new retail and entertainment units bringing with them a number of new jobs.

The Lotus Group wanted to change the outlet name, to give it a fresher look and to hopefully become more appealing to their target audience. The new name under their rebrand is The Junction which helps to update the name but also keeps the brand familiar to returning customers.

We were approached to produce some signage products for the new look outlet. They were in need of gantry signage so we crafted two totem signs which display a selection of stores available at the Junction on the entrance side of the totem, the other side displays a thank you note to customers who are exiting the premises. The colour scheme is minimalistic which makes the gantry pleasing to the eye. We created the signage to exact RAL colours so that it would tie in with existing or other signage that is within the complex.

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