Large LED screen order for local pharmaceutical company

Gordons Chemists are a well known local pharmaceutical chain with more than 60 pharmacies located across Northern Ireland and also branching off into Scotland. With their large quantity of stores throughout the UK it is important to make sure that their brand identity is prominent.

We often work with Gordons Chemists to deliver outstanding signage products for their ever growing company. They recently opted to update their standard neon pharmacy signs to the latest technology.

With the recent development of our digital LED signage we have been able to provide Gordons Chemists with our latest digital LED projector signs. Offering both our full colour LED square and our LED colour cross, we tested these options with Gordons Chemists to see which worked best for their brand. Gordons opted for LED colour cross, taking the traditional elements from the universally recognised cross symbol for pharmacies and turning it to a digital advertising platform.

We have been busy constructing 16 of our highly effective LED pharmacy cross screens for Gordons Chemist stores across Northern Ireland.

Are you in need of a fresh advertising approach? Our digital LED crosses will easily outshine the traditional green cross. Get in touch today for information on how we can help change your signage from today!