Internal signage for KFC Newcastle

Newcastle in County Down has been home to a modest KFC shop for a number of years now, and recently it underwent a complete internal re-fit to bring their store to the current interior style of many KFC stores.

The modernised interior boasts new illuminated signs which hang above collection and order points, perfect for using as point of sale and wayfinding purposes. The illuminated hanging signs are fabricated as 3D letters by the team at Rainbow Signs; these letters are face-lit which means only the front (or face) of the letter is projecting light from the LED’s. The hanging signs work perfectly to let customers know where to go.

We produced window graphics for this KFC branch which consisted of a brand of small text which spans across the windows and glass doors. For anyone interested, the text displayed on the windows is a manifestation of the KFC history. The white lettering was cut using our vinyl cutter and the excess vinyl was intricately removed by hand by our talented applications team.

The interior of the store provides a lot of visually pleasing aspects, from our wall graphic installations to bespoke canvas’ and image frames made in house by the team at Rainbow Signs.

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