Built-up lettering at Rainbow Signs, Northern Ireland

Here at Rainbow Signs we use a variety of different methods to create built-up letters using metal or acrylic. Built-up letters are also known as 3D letters due to the way they are made as it creates a 3D structure. Our built-up letters are used for a large range of different types of signage including, shop signs, display signs, wayfinding signage, internal signage, point of sale signage and more. These types of built-up letter signage can also be illuminated by LED’s in a number of ways, such as back-lit or overhead trough lighting. We use several lighting techniques which ensure that your signage provides the maximum impact in both day and night situations.

Back-lit lettering, also known as halo illumination, provides a contrasting effect that makes any lettering stand out, along with being clean and easy to read. Back-lit built up lettering is usually made up of a solid material to prevent any light passing through, which achieves the back-lit effect. This type of lettering is usually built up using locators so that the lettering sits off the face of your signage, which also helps to cast the light and create the illumination.

Face lit lettering, as the name would suggest is a method used to solely light up the face of the built-up lettering. We use the combination of Perspex and a solid material to achieve the lit face of the lettering. Another option is full face lit, which allows light to pass through the face and return of the built-up letters, illuminating the whole 3D lettering.

Our leading built-up lettering specialist has been working with the Rainbow Signs team for over 10 years, in this time he has perfected the handmade signage craft. We uphold our tradition of creating our signage by hand and in house, a tradition that has been ongoing for over 30 years and will continue to do so for years to come.

Our 3D built-up letters will add an extra dimension to your signage , giving it depth and a look that is hard for passing trade to miss. This type of signage is perfect for both internal and external purposes.

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Who We Are

Established in 1981 by Ian Greer, Rainbow Signs began as a small family run business hand crafting signs with limited machinery. Today the company, based in Lisburn, has grown substantially not only creating jobs for the local people but providing other business proprietors with high quality signage, whilst tending to their requests from concept to installation.

As one of the leading signs companies it is our aim to produce signage products of excellence such as; corporate, bespoke, totem, window displays, LED & digital displays, wayfinding, internal, and point of sale signage. With over 30 years within the signage industry, Rainbow Signs is the company you can trust.

What We Do

It is our responsibility to make your business appear striking and attract attention. From the concept to installation, we specialise in providing you with a wide variety of quality signage. All our work adheres to safety regulations and environmental standards. We are thoroughly professional, and a highly graded service you can rely on.

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